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A Simple and Easy way to be notified of and send an e-Greeting Card to your Family and Friends for every occasion.

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You pay $.99US. This gets you more than a card. You get a reminder every year of birthdays and anniversaries of your Loved Ones and more. This keeps you on the sunny side of relationships.

hugsandcards is part of thecardsstore Group which includes: - Funeral Notification Services for Funeral Homes. Signup for - Funeral Notification Services for Non Traditional Funerals. Signup for - Funeral Notification Services for Pet Owners. Signup for - sending out Greeting Cards to anyone on any Occasion. Signup for - Organising any Social Occasion Signup for

STEP 1: Enter Sender's and Recepient's information (including cell phones). Choose e-card. Enter message.

STEP 2: Text messages will be sent to cell phones.

STEP 3: Click on the link in the text mesage to view message and e-card sent.

Click on link in text messages to view Cards sent

Happy Graduation Kevin Ramcharan. From Krishna Ramcharan. Details at binvitationa.php?sid=&code=1885 Help save a tree by using our e-cards.

Graduation card sent to Kevin Ramcaran. Details at birthdaya.php?sid=&code=1885 Help save a tree by using our e-cards.

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