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If the Recepient is over 16 years, the text message can be sent directly to the Recepient's cell phone. Enter Sender's and Recepient's information (including cell phones). Choose e-card. Enter message.

Or Text messages will be sent to cell phones.

If you, the Sender, are under 16 years, you must be under the supervision of an adult who has read and agreed to the Terms of Service Click on the link in the text mesage to view message and e-card sent.

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Happy Graduation Kevin Ramcharan. From Krishna Ramcharan. Details at binvitationa.php?sid=&code=1885 Help save a tree by using our e-cards.

Graduation card sent to Kevin Ramcaran. Details at birthdaya.php?sid=&code=1885 Help save a tree by using our e-cards.

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